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I’m a professional musician based in Stockholm. I run the YouTube channel Woody Piano Shack about piano, synthesizers and music technology.


If you want to learn piano or improve your playing skills and music theory knowledge then I’m here to help. My Piano Inspiration Series is a great place to start!


I’m from the UK but moved to Sweden 20 years ago. Here’s the story of my musical background.

My grandmother was a music teacher so I was fortunate to get an early start when I was about 4 years old. I was classically trained until my early teens achieving Royal Schools of Music Piano Grade 8. At that time I realized I could play by ear and entertain my classmates by performing popular hits of the time.

After leaving school I played piano in pubs and piano bars. My first band was a synth duo called Parallel. For the next two decades I worked as a keyboard player in several bands playing venues in the South coast of England, London and Stockholm. I’ve played rock, pop, soul, jazz and blues and it’s been a blast!



I started my YouTube channel Woody Piano Shack in 2016 with the goal to educate, entertain and inspire my viewers about playing piano and synthesizers. I’ve published over 350 videos and the channel has grown to be quite popular with over 6 million views and 40,000 subscribers.


I do live streams of my music production process on Twitch.


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