Month: March 2019

  • 10ths- Left Hand Voicings.- Jazz Drills and Exercises

    Playing 10ths (bass note and the 3rd an octave above) is something I struggle with myself but it sounds great when you can do the challenging stretch so worth persevering. Kent is a great teacher and jazz player and a wonderful gentleman so I highly recommend his videos.


    I like Josef’s teaching style and enthusiasm and this is an interesting and very simple technique that makes simple chords sound very much richer and more interesting. He demonstrates how playing a power chord (root and fifth) in each hand is used in a number of memorable Coldplay riffs.

  • How to Play C Major – with Jack Duxbury

    I’m Jack’s biggest fan (and coincidentally) we’re actually both from the same town. Despite the title which sounds a bit dull, this is an essential watch for players of all abilities. I use this chord voicing subconsciously all the time when comping and improvising, without actually breaking it down or realizing what I was doing. […]

  • 6 Ways to Reharm “Amazing Grace” Like a Boss

    Jeff is a great teacher and player and the subject of reharmonization fascinates me and is something I am working on improving myself. Jeff shows you a few tricks to change the chords of a traditional tune sound much more contemporary.

  • Let’s share the very best piano lessons on the internet!

    I’ve decided to expand the scope of the Lessons section on my website to include my top picks of the very best lessons published on the internet. I’ll continue to publish and share posts with my own lessons, and I will tag them so that you can easily find them. In addition I’ll share all […]