Month: April 2019

  • Drop Chords: Your New Harmonic Secret Weapon

    Here’s another video on the subject of Drop 2 voicing, a relatively simple but very effective tool to play some very beautiful sounding chord voicing. Make sure to check out the Drop 2 voicing video I shared in my previous post. Definitely a topic I will be practicing myself in the coming months.

  • Drop 2 Chords In a Worship Setting

    Another video from my personal playlist of YouTube videos to study. This video is about drop 2, a sparse and beautiful spread voicing. The instructor does a great job of explaining the technique and the playing is exquisite.

  • 20 Piano Hacks To Instantly Sound Like A PRO!!!

    This lesson is definitely for the more advanced players but there are some real gems among these piano hacks, expertly taught and so wonderfully played by Corey Taylor, one of the finest players in the YouTube gospel genre. I’ve watched this video several times and now I really need to get busy and working on […]