Month: May 2019

  • Beginners, ready to move on from root position?

    Another video I’m working on myself, it goes from very basic concepts to quite advanced in a short time, so some great tips here for everything. Some beautiful playing and the soothing voice of the instructor make it worth the watch!

  • 30 minute SYNTHWAVE challenge with NI SUPER 8

    If you are curious about my music production process then this video is for you. We demonstrate the newly .launched Native Instruments SUPER 8 synthesizer by putting together a quick track in a synthwave style.

  • Woody’s favorite music books

    Whilst playing with adding my gear to I had the idea of putting together a list of my favorite music tuition books that I own and enjoy. View the list here. (Note that these are affiliate links to Amazon meaning that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

  • Money For Nothing on piano is surprisingly fun, here’s how!

    Whilst putting together my fun money-themed Patreon promo-video I realized just how much fun it was to play the main riff of Money For Nothing by Dire Straits. Here’s my breakdown of how to play and enjoy it yourself.