Month: July 2019

  • Intro to Modulations and Key Changes [SONGWRITING – MUSIC THEORY]

    Superb video from the excellent Jake Lizzio about using modulations or key changes in your compositions. Fantastic presentation as always and some very interesting examples of some common modulations.

  • My 3 Favorite Chords and How To Apply Them

    Corey is such a lovely gentleman and the most requisite and tasteful player. Here he presents for you 3 wonderful chords that will add a new sound to your playing.

  • Voicing the 2-5-1: Twelve Examples, from SIMPLE to ADVANCED

    Essential lesson for keyboard players or all levels from MangoldProject (I don’t know his name). The 2-5-1 progression is one of the most commonly used chord progressions in jazz and pop and here is a breakdown of the many ways you can play and voice the chords. I know nearly all of these voicings and […]

  • How I get Pianoteq to sound good – the art of sonority

    Very interesting discussion from an excellent pianist about how to extract the best tone and expression from your piano.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    I’m excited to announce that I’m now offering the opportunity to become an Official Channel Sponsor of Woody Piano Shack. Become a sponsor of my channel and in return I will help my viewers learn about your products or services during my videos. Please see my Sponsors Page for more details. Welcome onboard!

  • Soloing On “SO WHAT”

    So What is an essential Miles Davis tune to know with a fabulous Bill Evans minor 7 chord voicing. It’s an example of a modal tune which is a lot of tun and relatively easy to solo over due to the slow pace of the chords. The wonderful Aimee Noite gives you some great pointers […]