The BEST way to CONVERT WAV to MP3

You have a high-definition uncompressed WAV audio file and need to convert it to MP3 to reduce the file size for storage or sharing on the internet.

I’m going to tell you what the best tool for the job is, and it’s completely free and open-source.

Head over to The LAME Project and download the latest release for your operating system. It’s available for all platforms.

LAME is an industry standard MP3 encoder and is widely considered as giving the highest quality output. It is used “under the hood” by dozens of professional audio applications.

It can be a bit tricky to find the download link so I’ll leave it below. As always virus scan the download before installing. For Windows, it’s a tiny file of just 1Mb that contains an exe and dll file. No installation is needed, simply unzip to a folder of your choice. You only need the EXE file.

To convert a WAV file just drag it over the EXE and the conversion will start.
If you need higher quality than the default 128, then you need to supply a parameter, you can do this from the command line or using a bat file. In this way you can also batch convert a large number of files.

Sure, there are many other applications that offer MP3 conversion. But watch out for unnecessary applications with bloated features or adware. If you just want the highest quality conversion in a lightweight package then look no further.

LAME MP3 Encoder

LAME Binaries

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