Inside info about the white noise video

Inside info about the white noise video

Let me share the “inside info” about this video. I couldn’t add it to the video description. You’ll understand why shortly.

This video is actually an experiment to verify if white noise really gets copyright claims as discussed in my last video. It is also a honeypot with the purpose of catching fraudsters submitting bogus claims so that I can call them out.

Noise is a randomly generated signal so surely it is not subject to copyright? For the first time ever I am hoping to get claimed!

I will have to delete any comments that give the game away, so apologies in advance for that.

The noise is actually generated by a variety of sources to maximize the chance of a copyright claim.

Here’s the playlist:
00:00 UNO LX (JUNU 6)
01:00 BASSLINE 101 (SH101)

This sequence repeats with some variations:
1) Stereo with LPF
2) Mono with LPF
3) Mono without filter

For the stereo versions I duplicated the generated noise onto a separate track, hard panned and then reversed the 30 minute sample on one channel. The effect is quite pleasing to the ears.

What I learned from this exercise is that something that seems like a quick and easy task rarely is.

Secondly, white noise comes in different flavors depending on the generation algorithm and any effects processing. Pure random white noise will always sound identical but I noticed that each synth has it’s own character which can be further personalized using effects. Perhaps then, there is some ground for white noise to be copyrighted?

As masu5000 said in the comments: “Did you realize that your video contains every song and music ever recorded? You just need the right filtering to get it out of the noise”. Food for thought.

This seemed like a fun topic to publish on 1st April. It also gave me the opportunity to premiere the video so we can keep the chat open and hangout for 10 hours!

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