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  • Introduction to MIDI – The 1981 Music Revolution

    Introduction to MIDI – The 1981 Music Revolution

    Who can remember what MIDI actually stands for? The answer is Musical Instrument Digital Interface and yes, I had also forgotten. The simplest way to describe it is that it is a standard communication protocol, or without using technical jargon, a language that electronic music instruments use to communicate with each other in order to […]

  • 5 Tips for Playing With an Acoustic Guitarist | Piano Lesson

    Fascinating insights and tips from Jack and Dan, two of the most talented and experienced touring session players.

  • Tutorial: Playing funk on the keys pt 1

    The great keyboard player from Jamiroquai shares some fascinating insight into his techniques for playing funk keyboards. A lot of inspiring riffs and bass-lines to learn here!

  • Phil is a player I admire a lot after I discovered his Pianoteq videos. He’s a fabulous improviser as well as classic player. I enjoyed this discussion of groove applied to classical music performances.

  • Changing the Atmosphere by Borrowing and Adding Tension Using Neo-Soul Chords

    Interesting video by Jamal from Gospel Musicians about borrowing from the relative minor to add tension and interest. Nicely demonstrated and with some wonderful chord voicings to analyse and explore!


    Today I have another written synthesizer review for you, this time we are looking at the newly released Korg Triton software synthesizer, part of Korg’s Collection 2 suite of synths recreating some of their classic legacy instruments. We’ll also have a discussion of the price and compare it to the competition to answer the question […]

  • My review of the CASIO PX-S1000 digital piano

    Here’s my in-depth written review article about the Casio PX-S1000 digital piano and my opinions about the controversy about the “flawed”piano action as claimed by piano reviewer James Pavel Shawcross on his YouTube channel ThePianoforever. My thoughts on the CASIO PX-S1000 digital piano

  • How to Play Piano – From Unboxing Your New Piano To Understanding the Keyboard!

    Wonderful, fun and highly recommended video from my friend Jack Duxbury on your first steps as a beginner piano player. Jack takes a nice approach to fast track you past the theory and get you making nice sounding music as quickly as possible.

  • How To Make A Classic Rock Hit Single 35 Years Late

    I can’t emphasis enough how interesting, educational and entertaining this video is. Jake’s final track (with the help of his collaborators) is pretty epic too. Well worth a watch!

  • Roland Jupiter Xm Review

    I’ve written a comprehensive (6 pages long!) review of the new ROLAND JUPITER Xm synthesizer after using it for a month and making a few videos about it. The article is exclusively available to my Patreon supporters. The cost of membership to unlock the post and all my other premium content is as little as […]