Author: Woody

  • My father teaches pentatonic scales

    My old man shared with me a nice article he wrote in 2002 for a Buddy Holly fan community.  He asked me if it was useful for my piano teaching, and I asked him if I could share it with you here. So here is the download.  Feel free to use and share however you…

  • TOP 5 PIANO RIFFS and how to play them The second video in my “Top 5” series, where I demonstrate some piano arrangements of my favorite riffs.  This video features some classic piano pop songs, I’ll show you which notes to play using Synthesia and the overhead camera view.


    In this video we compare the ease of use and sound of a virtual guitar software plugin with my attempts to play and record a real acoustic guitar. I’ll also take you through the process of creating a folk song using Native Instruments Kontakt sample libraries.

  • TOP 5 SYNTH RIFFS and how to play them Whilst I hesitate to call this a lesson, it does demonstrate how to play each of my five favorite synth riffs.  I’ve created my own easy piano arrangement of each track. You can see the keys being played on the virtual keyboard and the Synthesia falling note display, as well as the conventional music…

  • Piano lesson – Play along with easy beginner chords

    I wanted to revisit the previous lesson and take it right back to basics with the most simple chords, the major and minor triads.  We’ll also introduce the concept of chord inversions and I’ll demonstrate and give you some ideas using two slow-tempo backing tracks that are perfect for beginners. There may be some chords…

  • Ableton Live synthwave tutorial

    Here’s a breakdown of a remix I created in the synthwave genre using Ableton Live. We cover the following topics, and more! Importing and tempo-matching audio stems into Ableton Creating tracks using software synths like DEXED and TAL-UNO-LX Drum racks and LinnDrum drum machine samples Using effects plugins Composing and arranging Mixing Mastering Exporting and…

  • Free sheet music and backing tracks

    The lessons section of my website is where you will find free lessons and tutorials and accompanying PDF sheet music and MP3 backing track downloads. I’ll publish a new post here whenever I upload a new lesson to YouTube and I will include links to download any supplementary materials.  

  • Piano lesson – Let’s play along to backing tracks together!

    Let’s practice accompaniments and playing solos to backing tracks I created using BAND-IN-A-BOX. We’ll do a couple of relatively easy tunes today that are suitable for beginners and intermediate players. I’ll play through  each song and give you some pointers, ideas and tips, then it’s your turn to play!