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  • Four Cheap Alternatives to the New ROLAND JUNO-X

    Four Cheap Alternatives to the New ROLAND JUNO-X

    The new JUNO-X from Roland certainly is a fabulous, almost dream synthesizer for me, with its emulations of the classic Juno 106 and Juno 60, some of my favorite synths of all time. But It is quite expensive and takes up a lot of space, Today I’m going to give you four much more affordable, […]

  • Inside info about the white noise video

    Inside info about the white noise video

    Let me share the “inside info” about this video. I couldn’t add it to the video description. You’ll understand why shortly. This video is actually an experiment to verify if white noise really gets copyright claims as discussed in my last video. It is also a honeypot with the purpose of catching fraudsters submitting bogus […]


    Today I have another written synthesizer review for you, this time we are looking at the newly released Korg Triton software synthesizer, part of Korg’s Collection 2 suite of synths recreating some of their classic legacy instruments. We’ll also have a discussion of the price and compare it to the competition to answer the question […]

  • How to write Chords and Songs in Minor [Songwriting Basics / Music Theory]

    I love this guy! He has some superb music theory and song writing lessons on his channel. In this video Jake describes how to build chords from the minor scale and demonstrates some popular chord progressions.  


    Hi all, I’ve decided to distribute my PIANO INSPIRATION SERIES to new platforms starting with Patreon. As a Patron you’ll get instant access to the entire archive of 19 videos and 6 hours of content. Of course, you’ll get all the other rewards and perks that I give to my Patrons. Learn more about my […]

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    I’m excited to announce that I’m now offering the opportunity to become an Official Channel Sponsor of Woody Piano Shack. Become a sponsor of my channel and in return I will help my viewers learn about your products or services during my videos. Please see my Sponsors Page for more details. Welcome onboard!



    My mission is to share the knowledge I’ve learned over 40 years of playing piano, synth and keys. I’ve created my Piano Inspiration Series with the goal of injecting new creative ideas to your playing, improving your technique and music theory knowledge and broadening your repertoire. The Piano Inspiration Series consists of 19 lessons totaling […]

  • Woody’s favorite music books

    Whilst playing with adding my gear to I had the idea of putting together a list of my favorite music tuition books that I own and enjoy. View the list here. (Note that these are affiliate links to Amazon meaning that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

  • Let’s share the very best piano lessons on the internet!

    I’ve decided to expand the scope of the Lessons section on my website to include my top picks of the very best lessons published on the internet. I’ll continue to publish and share posts with my own lessons, and I will tag them so that you can easily find them. In addition I’ll share all […]