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  • My review of the CASIO PX-S1000 digital piano

    Here’s my in-depth written review article about the Casio PX-S1000 digital piano and my opinions about the controversy about the “flawed”piano action as claimed by piano reviewer James Pavel Shawcross on his YouTube channel ThePianoforever. My thoughts on the CASIO PX-S1000 digital piano

  • Roland Jupiter Xm Review

    I’ve written a comprehensive (6 pages long!) review of the new ROLAND JUPITER Xm synthesizer after using it for a month and making a few videos about it. The article is exclusively available to my Patreon supporters. The cost of membership to unlock the post and all my other premium content is as little as […]



    My mission is to share the knowledge I’ve learned over 40 years of playing piano, synth and keys. I’ve created my Piano Inspiration Series with the goal of injecting new creative ideas to your playing, improving your technique and music theory knowledge and broadening your repertoire. The Piano Inspiration Series consists of 19 lessons totaling […]

  • Woody’s favorite music books

    Whilst playing with adding my gear to I had the idea of putting together a list of my favorite music tuition books that I own and enjoy. View the list here. (Note that these are affiliate links to Amazon meaning that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)