Category: Music theory

  • Voicing the 2-5-1: Twelve Examples, from SIMPLE to ADVANCED

    Essential lesson for keyboard players or all levels from MangoldProject (I don’t know his name). The 2-5-1 progression is one of the most commonly used chord progressions in jazz and pop and here is a breakdown of the many ways you can play and voice the chords. I know nearly all of these voicings and […]

  • Soloing On “SO WHAT”

    So What is an essential Miles Davis tune to know with a fabulous Bill Evans minor 7 chord voicing. It’s an example of a modal tune which is a lot of tun and relatively easy to solo over due to the slow pace of the chords. The wonderful Aimee Noite gives you some great pointers […]



    My mission is to share the knowledge I’ve learned over 40 years of playing piano, synth and keys. I’ve created my Piano Inspiration Series with the goal of injecting new creative ideas to your playing, improving your technique and music theory knowledge and broadening your repertoire. The Piano Inspiration Series consists of 19 lessons totaling […]

  • Beginners, ready to move on from root position?

    Another video I’m working on myself, it goes from very basic concepts to quite advanced in a short time, so some great tips here for everything. Some beautiful playing and the soothing voice of the instructor make it worth the watch!

  • 30 minute SYNTHWAVE challenge with NI SUPER 8

    If you are curious about my music production process then this video is for you. We demonstrate the newly .launched Native Instruments SUPER 8 synthesizer by putting together a quick track in a synthwave style.

  • Drop Chords: Your New Harmonic Secret Weapon

    Here’s another video on the subject of Drop 2 voicing, a relatively simple but very effective tool to play some very beautiful sounding chord voicing. Make sure to check out the Drop 2 voicing video I shared in my previous post. Definitely a topic I will be practicing myself in the coming months.

  • Drop 2 Chords In a Worship Setting

    Another video from my personal playlist of YouTube videos to study. This video is about drop 2, a sparse and beautiful spread voicing. The instructor does a great job of explaining the technique and the playing is exquisite.

  • How to Play C Major – with Jack Duxbury

    I’m Jack’s biggest fan (and coincidentally) we’re actually both from the same town. Despite the title which sounds a bit dull, this is an essential watch for players of all abilities. I use this chord voicing subconsciously all the time when comping and improvising, without actually breaking it down or realizing what I was doing. […]

  • 6 Ways to Reharm “Amazing Grace” Like a Boss

    Jeff is a great teacher and player and the subject of reharmonization fascinates me and is something I am working on improving myself. Jeff shows you a few tricks to change the chords of a traditional tune sound much more contemporary.

  • Teaching you my favorite riff on the CP88 Rhodes

    In this advanced piano lesson we cover a lot of ground, including the following topics. Major 251 chord progressionMinor 251Jazz & neo-soul chord voicingsLeft hand rootless voicingsComping and Improvising ideas Plus you’ll get to enjoy the sounds of the Yamaha CP88 Rhodes!