Voicing the 2-5-1: Twelve Examples, from SIMPLE to ADVANCED

Essential lesson for keyboard players or all levels from MangoldProject (I don’t know his name). The 2-5-1 progression is one of the most commonly used chord progressions in jazz and pop and here is a breakdown of the many ways you can play and voice the chords.

I know nearly all of these voicings and use them all the time so I highly recommend watching and learning the techniques demonstrated in this video.

Soloing On “SO WHAT”

So What is an essential Miles Davis tune to know with a fabulous Bill Evans minor 7 chord voicing. It’s an example of a modal tune which is a lot of tun and relatively easy to solo over due to the slow pace of the chords. The wonderful Aimee Noite gives you some great pointers about ideas for playing a great improvisation.


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Drop Chords: Your New Harmonic Secret Weapon

Here’s another video on the subject of Drop 2 voicing, a relatively simple but very effective tool to play some very beautiful sounding chord voicing. Make sure to check out the Drop 2 voicing video I shared in my previous post. Definitely a topic I will be practicing myself in the coming months.