I started my YouTube channel Woody Piano Shack in 2016 with the aim of sharing the knowledge I’ve gained during my 30 year career as a musician. The purpose of my channel is to educate, entertain and inspire my viewers about playing piano and synthesizers.

I’ve published over 350 videos and the channel has grown to be quite popular with over 5 million views and 36,000 subscribers.


I do live streams of my music production process on my Twitch channel.


I make a monthly audio podcast called The Shack Cast where I share news and behind-the-scenes information about the channel. We cover the latest industry news, discuss in-depth the featured topic of the month and play your music and voicemails.

The podcast is part of my Patreon premium content package. Click on the banner for information about how to subscribe.

The Shack Cast


My performances and compositions are available for streaming and purchase on my Bandcamp page.

Here’s my latest album release featuring music from the channel.


I publish two exclusive video lessons every month for my YouTube Channel Members. Please click on the banner below for details.