Here is an invitation to team up with me and become an Official Sponsor of my channel on YouTube. The channel was founded in 2015 and we’ve built a friendly community around music technology, piano and keyboards with the goal of helping you make music.

The channel currently has 350 videos with about 200,000 views per month. A typical video will get an average of 10,000 views.

Now I am offering the opportunity to become a Sponsor and associate your brand with Woody Piano Shack, reach new customers and amplify your message.

During my videos I will include a promotional segment where I help my audience to learn about your brand, product or services. You can sponsor a single video or apply to become an Official Channel Sponsor and be regularly featured on my videos.

Availability is limited so contact me today for a brochure and pricing.

Official Channel Sponsors


I’ve partnered with Skillshare, the online learning community, to offer you a free two month trial. Use my link and they’ll know I sent you, I appreciate it!