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  • 6 Ways to Reharm “Amazing Grace” Like a Boss

    Jeff is a great teacher and player and the subject of reharmonization fascinates me and is something I am working on improving myself. Jeff shows you a few tricks to change the chords of a traditional tune sound much more contemporary.

  • Teaching you my favorite riff on the CP88 Rhodes

    In this advanced piano lesson we cover a lot of ground, including the following topics. Major 251 chord progressionMinor 251Jazz & neo-soul chord voicingsLeft hand rootless voicingsComping and Improvising ideas Plus you’ll get to enjoy the sounds of the Yamaha CP88 Rhodes!

  • Piano lesson – Beautiful Christmas song arrangement

    This piano lesson shows you how to play a wonderful piano arrangement of “The Holly and the Ivy” based on a performance by Dana Daoud. Download the sheet music Download the MIDI file

  • Ableton Live synthwave tutorial

    Here’s a breakdown of a remix I created in the synthwave genre using Ableton Live. We cover the following topics, and more! Importing and tempo-matching audio stems into Ableton Creating tracks using software synths like DEXED and TAL-UNO-LX Drum racks and LinnDrum drum machine samples Using effects plugins Composing and arranging Mixing Mastering Exporting and […]