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  • How I get Pianoteq to sound good – the art of sonority

    Very interesting discussion from an excellent pianist about how to extract the best tone and expression from your piano.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    I’m excited to announce that I’m now offering the opportunity to become an Official Channel Sponsor of Woody Piano Shack. Become a sponsor of my channel and in return I will help my viewers learn about your products or services during my videos. Please see my Sponsors Page for more details. Welcome onboard!

  • How to make SYNTHWAVE PT2

    We finish of my Super 8 synthwave track and I’ll share plenty of tips on music production in Ableton Live, arranging, automation, mixing and mastering.



    My mission is to share the knowledge I’ve learned over 40 years of playing piano, synth and keys. I’ve created my Piano Inspiration Series with the goal of injecting new creative ideas to your playing, improving your technique and music theory knowledge and broadening your repertoire. The Piano Inspiration Series consists of 19 lessons totaling…

  • Beginners, ready to move on from root position?

    Another video I’m working on myself, it goes from very basic concepts to quite advanced in a short time, so some great tips here for everything. Some beautiful playing and the soothing voice of the instructor make it worth the watch!

  • 30 minute SYNTHWAVE challenge with NI SUPER 8

    If you are curious about my music production process then this video is for you. We demonstrate the newly .launched Native Instruments SUPER 8 synthesizer by putting together a quick track in a synthwave style.

  • Woody’s favorite music books

    Whilst playing with adding my gear to kit.com I had the idea of putting together a list of my favorite music tuition books that I own and enjoy. View the list here. (Note that these are affiliate links to Amazon meaning that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)


    I like Josef’s teaching style and enthusiasm and this is an interesting and very simple technique that makes simple chords sound very much richer and more interesting. He demonstrates how playing a power chord (root and fifth) in each hand is used in a number of memorable Coldplay riffs.

  • How to Play C Major – with Jack Duxbury

    I’m Jack’s biggest fan (and coincidentally) we’re actually both from the same town. Despite the title which sounds a bit dull, this is an essential watch for players of all abilities. I use this chord voicing subconsciously all the time when comping and improvising, without actually breaking it down or realizing what I was doing.…

  • TOP 5 ORGAN RIFFS and how to play them

    This is probably the final installment in my TOP 5 and how to play them series of videos.  They were an awful lot of work to make so no plans for any more unless there is popular demand! Hope you enjoy this episode where we feature my favorite organ riffs of all time.  I wonder…