I offer online piano and music theory tuition to students all around the world of all ages and abilities. These are one-on-one video calls for musicians who want to improve their playing technique and music theory knowledge. Each lesson can be tailored to your individual needs or we can follow my curriculum.

If you prefer, I can be your mentor or coach. Perhaps you want to teach yourself but need an evaluation of your progress or a motivational push. I’m here to help.

The PIANO INSPIRATION SERIES is my platform for sharing the knowledge I’ve learned during 40 years of playing piano, keys and synth. We cover a variety of topics such as theory and technique, song breakdowns and genres such as pop, blues, boogie, jazz and gospel. The goal is to give you new creative ideas, broaden your repertoire and above all bring a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction to your playing. Please click the banner below for details.

I provide music technology training to help you with digital audio workstations, software instruments and effects plugins.