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  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    I’m excited to announce that I’m now offering the opportunity to become an Official Channel Sponsor of Woody Piano Shack. Become a sponsor of my channel and in return I will help my viewers learn about your products or services during my videos. Please see my Sponsors Page for more details. Welcome onboard!

  • How to make SYNTHWAVE PT2

    We finish of my Super 8 synthwave track and I’ll share plenty of tips on music production in Ableton Live, arranging, automation, mixing and mastering.

  • 30 minute SYNTHWAVE challenge with NI SUPER 8

    If you are curious about my music production process then this video is for you. We demonstrate the newly .launched Native Instruments SUPER 8 synthesizer by putting together a quick track in a synthwave style.

  • Money For Nothing on piano is surprisingly fun, here’s how!

    Whilst putting together my fun money-themed Patreon promo-video I realized just how much fun it was to play the main riff of Money For Nothing by Dire Straits. Here’s my breakdown of how to play and enjoy it yourself.

  • Teaching you my favorite riff on the CP88 Rhodes

    In this advanced piano lesson we cover a lot of ground, including the following topics. Major 251 chord progressionMinor 251Jazz & neo-soul chord voicingsLeft hand rootless voicingsComping and Improvising ideas Plus you’ll get to enjoy the sounds of the Yamaha CP88 Rhodes!

  • Software piano shootout – Pianoteq vs Native Instruments

    In this video we compare four software pianos, two using physical modelling and two sample libraries. Here are high-quality audio recordings of each piano. Pianoteq – Steinway D Pianoteq – Petrof Native Instruments – Alicia’s Keys Native Instruments – The Grandeur

  • Piano lesson – Beautiful Christmas song arrangement

    This piano lesson shows you how to play a wonderful piano arrangement of “The Holly and the Ivy” based on a performance by Dana Daoud. Download the sheet music Download the MIDI file

  • TOP 5 ORGAN RIFFS and how to play them

    This is probably the final installment in my TOP 5 and how to play them series of videos.  They were an awful lot of work to make so no plans for any more unless there is popular demand! Hope you enjoy this episode where we feature my favorite organ riffs of all time.  I wonder […]

  • Piano lesson – You need to know the intervals

    Here is a detailed review of all of the musical intervals demonstrated on the piano keyboard.  For each interval we’ll study how it is constructed, listen to the characteristics of the sound and play some songs that utilize each interval. Follow up the video with a fun musical quiz that tests your ear training and […]

  • How to compose horror movie soundtrack with KINETIC TOYS and THRILL

    Today’s lesson is a combination of a music technology tutorial of two cinematic sounding VST plugins from Native Instruments, Kinetic Toys and Thrill. I’ll also give you some ideas about how to compose soundtracks for the horror movie genre. You can download the audio stems for this lesson using the link below, you are free […]